RCA Removes Its Executive VP

Exclusive: RCA Removes Its Executive VP – FailedMessiah.com.

This is a very interesting move by the RCA.  It’s implications will be interesting to watch as the issue of the direction of the organization has been one many have watched closely since the appointment of R. Shmuel Goldin.  I cannot speak from any personal perspective on R. Herring or this issue as it is too early to know the whole story.


FailedMessiah.com: A Violated Will

FailedMessiah.com: A Violated Will.

This was a scary piece for those who live in Israel.  The rabbinic leadership feels it can impose upon the people it’s own even when it doesn’t violate halacha.  The challenge of criteria of death is becoming more about defending our territory than about making sound medical judgment based on the current science.  See RCA Backs Off Stand On Brain Death for Transplants.