Why Publish?

I came across the following post earlier today The Rebbetzin’s Husband: Why Publish?.  He writes about the question of whether there is value in writing another book, as their are so many books out their about almost all topics, many of which become neglected over time.  I was thinking about the dilemma of whether to write or not, let alone to try becoming a published author.

Why do people write?  Some write as a means of expressing themselves on paper.  Others use writing as a form of communication when studying something by oneself.  I personally use writing for both of these reasons as well as a spiritual exercise at times.  Many write professionally, others write as a hobby.  With that said, the value of publishing a book, in my opinion, is not about prestige.  Most publish, especially those writing non-fiction, because the person believes something in their writing has value for others to read.  Writing can be a potential source of extra income, even in today’s world of the digitized book.

I often struggle with the question of whether anyone should care about what I write.  However, I then realize that my true audience is myself first, as I use writing to collect my thoughts and express my ideas in a manner that makes them clear.  If others read it, I am delighted.  If people don’t, I can’t see writing as a waste of time for it still fulfilled my other stated goals.



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