BBC News – New post-mortem method developed

BBC News – New post-mortem method developed.

If this method of autopsy is feasible as a non-invasive method, would halacha now be more willing to allow for autopsy to study disease? “The conventional autopsy process can be distressing for the family and is opposed by some communities on religious grounds.”  For me, both of these points are quite fascinating.  In a time when we are debating the questions of autonomy vs. rationing care, we are still finding that people are working on means to be sensitive to the emotional and spiritual needs of the clientele.



  1. Greetings! I came upon your blog thanks to Dr. A Brill’s “Kavvana”. I am also a rabbi-chaplain. Non-invasive autopsies have been available in the US for a while and a number of Orthodox families have accessed it in my community.

    • I had actually been unaware of the prevalence of non-invasive autopsies being used in the US. To me, as the article stated, the use of non-invasive methods will allow for potentially less emotional and spiritual turmoil for the family members of the deceased. On the flip side, if a non-invasive procedure can be done, the argument that Jews don’t do autopsies except in certain situations might go away. This would require one to have trouble not doing an autopsy in situations like a suspected suicide. Just some thoughts to ponder.

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