Cyberspace When You’re Dead –

Cyberspace When You’re Dead –

This was a very fascinating magazine article from a few weeks ago.  I find the whole question of the use of the internet in relation to death and bereavement to be unique.  For starters, as was pointed out in this article, does the internet provide us with a virtual immortality?  I would venture to suggest that the answer is no, even though our message can possibly be heard from beyond.  Part of the challenge, as was discussed in the piece, is related to the question of what kind of content do most of us put on the internet.  How much of it is relevant to the future vs. how much of our writing is merely a momentary quirk?

The other aspect of death and the internet relates to how we grieve the loss of someone we “know” via our virtual contact with that person.  I discussed a similar idea in a post back in May, Grieving in the 21st Century.  Are we mourning the person or the loss that we feel by not having that particular virtual connection?  Either way, as grief is related to loss, the sense of a hole in our universe will exist regardless of what that hole is about.

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