Generation F

Generation F.

We under 40 crowd continue to struggle to find a place for ourselves.  It is interesting to note that while the methodologies of have changed regarding how to find one’s niche, the desire to do so has not.  For most of the under 40 crowd, it is not about new age spirituality so much as a means of molding Judaism into our own religion.  There are many who would argue that we should mold ourselves into Judaism instead of molding Judaism to fit ourselves.  Of course, when one looks at the history of religions, we see that religion is a symbiotic relationship, the religion shapes us and we also shape the religion. 

In my own spiritual journey, while I have always aligned myself as Orthodox, it has not prevented me from exploring other spiritual paths that could potentially be incorporated into the ritual and law.  I searched because I felt it would enhance what we already have in our tradition.  This is in line with the points made in the article.  The world of multiculturalism has permitted the soul-searching throughout the world’s religious traditions for means of enhancing one’s own spiritual practice.


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