Charlatans or Spiritual gurus

The NY Times had a piece on how the sweat lodges have seen a decrease in visitors since the horrible story about the three people who died during a spiritual retreat last year.  For me, this brings up a tremendous question regarding those in the spirituality business.  Who is really at fault?  Is it the guru or spiritual master, who should also be watching out to prevent harming those coming to them for help?  Is it the people for getting to caught up in the hype of the spiritual leader?  To me, having read much regarding spiritual practice, I find the prevalence of spiritual healers and the costs to be involved with them somewhat fishy.  I think those deaths at the sweat lodge temporarily made people realize that the responsibility is upon them to know what they are getting into before trying out something that is not meant for the masses.  I hate to be so skeptical, but if you are a true spiritual master, then you would know when enough is enough for your constituents.  As the article suggests, people have seen the dangers inherent in unchecked spirituality.


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