Will the Rabba return?

It seems R. Avi Weiss has figured things out.  Instead of making a decision on his own regarding the use of Rabba, it will be up to the women’s Orthodox Yeshiva, Yeshivat Maharat, to make the decision on the title they will use upon graduation.  The Jewish Forward reports that the question of title is being discussed by the school’s advisory committee (see Rabba’ Roils Rabbis Once More as Orthodox Women’s Yeshiva Debates What to Call Its Grads – h/t Failed Messiah).  I am not sure what to make of this situation.  On the one hand, whether the title is Maharat or Rabba, why do people get up in arms about women being ordained.  If women are allowed and encouraged to learn, why not reward them upon completion of a rigorous training.  Besides, as I have argued countless times to people, what Yeshivat Maharat will do is create a cadre of women Judaic studies teachers with a formal title and will create a cadre of women Orthodox chaplains.  Synagogues will still be run by male rabbis.  Nevertheless, some would suggest that all we are witnessing now is another breaking point, as was seen when the small Union of Traditional Judaism emerged out of the Conservative movement’s decision to ordain women.


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