October 4 Reads

Third Party Rising

Thomas Friedman has come around to arguing for the need of a third party so that American politics doesn’t remain stagnant.  However, unlike the Tea Partiers, he is arguing for the moderate, third party candidate who wants to see change and not get bogged down in the politics of the two party system.  His piece is a bit of a doomsday prophecy in that he compares present day America to the early stages of the Roman collapse. 

At Risk from the Womb

Nurturing children begins from the time the fetus begins to form, not from birth, according to studies discussed in this piece.  Makes you wonder about how class systems in the old days might have been more true to form than we moderns like to believe. 

Scholarly Work, Without all the Footnotes

This piece really hits a problem in the head.  Journalism causes those of us who are into footnotes and citiing sources nightmares.  We become fearful that someone will read our piece and think we just stole it from another source.  A magazine could easily straddle such a fence by requiring sources and footnotes.  Many magazines already do this, though most of those are more scholarly in nature.  Nevertheless, why not cite a quote or at least give credit in a sentence on the subject (See the first link for an example of attribution without formal footnoting).

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