9/26 – Oct. 3 reads

Obama again sounds call for longer school year: Says underperforming teachers have “got to go”

I can’t say I completely disagree with his assessment of current American education.  To extend the school year is not something completely crazy, especially in our day and age when the summers just become complete vacation time.  Children do need breaks, but sometimes it seems the break becomes too much and then the first part of the year becomes review instead of new material. 

A Message from Israel

Michael Oren presents his take on how the book of Jonah is a tale of responsibility and making hard choices.

The American Jewish Revival of Musar

This is a review of two approaches to the new Mussar movement in American Judaism.  He looks at Alan Morinis and Ira Stone. 

When Kennedy Met Nixon: The Real Story

Granting the biases of the author, it seems that many of us misunderstood the general notion that Kennedy beat Nixon because of his looks.  It was clear that in 1960 Kennedy showed himself to be more substantive from the get go than Nixon.

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