Some Sukkot reads

One Imam, Multiple Messages

This piece does not come as a complete shock.  It seems Imam Rauf has laid out his agenda in his writings but most people are unfamiliar with his true colors.  He supports the Ayatollah’s regime in Iran and he denies the Islamic connection to 9/11.  And this will be the same man at the forefront of interfaith dialogue?

Is Israel More Isolated than Ever?

This policy piece tries to show how Israel has more allies and more foreign relationships than what is portrayed by the media.  We are led to believe Israel is often if not always standing alone in the fight for its survival.

War Games

Video games are the new medium for introducing the next generation to the horrors of war.  This piece describes how video games have overtaken movies in the war genre.  A secondary issue in the piece was how many of these games are designed with former soldiers as consultants.  The question has been whether video games are respectful to the deceased soldiers.  By other soldiers being involved in game making, perhaps the question is not a simple yes or no. 



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