9/6 through Rosh Hashanah reads

I apologize for the backlog in dates but as Rosh Hashanah approached quickly, I was unable to devote as much time to reading non-Rosh Hashanah pieces for the past couple of days. 

The Road Not Taken: Avi Weiss, Michael Broyde And Women’s Roles

This article tries to make the claim that because Michael Broyde doesn’t object to Avi Weiss on halachic grounds, he must truly be OK with Avi’s decision but would rather not see it just yet.  While I didn’t write anything on the subject of women leading Qabbalat Shabbat, I have been struggling with how to incorporate it into my thinking.  In truth, I don’t disagree with the sentiments of the article’s author. but I wouldn’t have been so quick to conclude as he did about Michael Broyde’s approach. 

Mystery and Evidence

Simply put, religion is about mystery and doesn’t want to see evidence.  Science is about evidence and tries to distance itself from mystery.  Interesting piece, but somewhat simplistic. 

Rabbi Yosef comes out against wig-wearing

Again!?!  This is nothing new.  I guess the new aspect is that Chacham Ovadiah made a crack against the Gerrer Hasidim.

The Pacific Campaign, Dam Division

This article was a very nice piece about a forgotten part of the Second World War, the post war partnership between Japan and America in the Pacific.  Japan has been an ally in one way or another for almost as long as there has been peace. 

America’s History of Fear

Kristof discusses the history of American fear of others.  His claim is that the fringe continuously finds new fear mongering.  For most, the issue of the Ground Zero mosque is not about fear of Islam.  Yet what happens is that the fringe are able to change the whole perspective on the main bone of contention to get accross their own agenda.

Paranoid About Paranoia

This op-ed is what I would call, more people believe absurd conspiracy theories then you might expect.  As such, it isn’t too dangerous until someone does something like what happened at the Discovery channel last week. 

Into the Jewish People: The rabbi who co-officiated at the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding on his journey to accepting intermarriage

This is a very interesting piece about post denominational Judaism in the guise of his personal journey.  He is a Reform rabbi with traditional practices in most aspects of life and yet is ok with intermarriage. I don’t agree with his conclusions about intermarriage. 

Building on Faith

The ground Zero Mosque’s Imam argues that the building of this mosque will be a good thing for interfaith dialogue.  Interestingly enough, it seems interfaith dialogue should grow on the spot that commemorates the what happens with extreme intolerance.


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