9/3 – 5 reads – weekend edition

Chief rabbi challenges Stephen Hawking in row over origins of universe: Lord Sacks accuses astrophysicist of logical fallacy in book excluding possibility of supernatural creation – (hat tip – Failed Messiah)

To me, these arguments seems contrite.  Scientists want to show G0d doesn’t exist and Rabbis want to explain how G-d could exist.  Its not a debate.  Their arguments are based on two completely different viewpoints.  Both sides are illogical according to the other because the arguments begin with different logical premises. 

Living in ultra-Orthodox closet – (hat tip – Failed Messiah)

This is another in a long of line of recent articles about how Haredim are not all monolithic.  Some struggle with living in the communities and yet feel they cannot leave.  It is certainly true to highlight how difficult it is for someone to leave an insular community, especially when that community does not train its people to live outside its environs.  This article was particularly sad because it was framed around one such gentleman who committed suicide instead of leaving the particular community. 

In mosque controversies, some Christians undermine their own faith

The sad reality of the world we live in today is that extremism is ruling the day.  We suffer from our own fringe groups.  The trouble is that the rhetoric is becoming more than words.  To burn a religious book is a terrible thing.  For us Jews, this should be a red flag, as Quran burnings should be a reminder of the countless burnings of the Talmud and other of our religious books.  While Islam today is very challenging due to the numerous Islamic terrorists in the world, to burn books reaches a new level of hate. 

Israel and Palestine: A true one-state solution

The idea of a single state solution, while the ideal in a democratic based ideology, cannot work for two nations/cultures who are at as much odds as Israel and Palestine.  All one has to do is look back to other “melted” countries, such as Iraq, to see how challenging and difficult such a move could be.  It is clear that the two nations, at least as they are today, cannot nor should not have to coexist in a single governmental structure. 


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