9/2 reads

At Mideast peace talk, a lopsided table

This editorial describes the clear distinctions between the country Israel and the PA, which is a government like structure without a nation of its own. 

Repentance = Freedom?

Yehudah Mirsky presents a good presentation on Rav Kook’s notion of teshuva as being freedom.  It is the freedom from sin and the freedom from the burden of sin.  By contemplating our actions, we are able to transcend to higher levels spiritually, we are not trapped in the confines of the here and now but we can always be striving for more.  This is obviously a very poignant message days before Rosh Hashanah.

Active minds delay dementia but speed decline once it hits

This is something I have been saying for years.  I often wonder if our brains also come with a time limit.  While we can stave off decay for a while, if dementia is predestined, it will happen regardless. 

Israeli Peace Effort Rests on Netanyahu

This article postulates the belief that only Netanyahu can see peace through.  I happen to agree because Netanyahu believes the need for military deterrence to keep the peace.  Also, he has already been down this path before with the Wye accords.


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