8/31/10 Reads

Time stands still in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

This op-ed actually confuses me.  On the one hand it seems to be another anti-Israel rant, about how the US should not be backing Israel, especially in the eyes of the Arab world.  It is as if the author, Richard Cohen, is lamenting the choices the US made in 1947 in backing the creation of the state of Israel.  And yet, he concedes at the end of the piece that in order to bring about peace, it is the Arabs that need to give up on their goals, which is to have all of Jerusalem and to have complete return of the Palestinian refugees into Israel proper.  Bravo for that statement but the way he comes to it sounds as though he is saying, Israel should give up control of all Jerusalem and accept the refugees, but alas, it won’t happen.  Therefore, Arabs, recognize this and accept what you can get because it is better than nothing. 

Think the Answer’s Clear? Look Again

This article describes some of the interesting statistical research done by a Dr. Donald A. Redelmeier.  If I can pull out a thesis, it is that he believes if we slow down, we can increase our chances for a long and health life.


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