8/30/10 reads

In Israel, Settling for Less

Why do we blame just religious zionists instead of questioning how a government can turn it’s back on blood spilled to conquer and secure the lands being offered back in peace? I think the challenge of peace is not just because some don’t want to give back land. The challenge from the Israeli side is believing giving more land away will actually end the conflict, especially considering that conflict continues after Oslo, Wye, and the Gaza disengagement. At some point, the violent parties all need to be held accountable and not be rewarded for violence.

Five myths about mosques in America

Very simply, this op-Ed is interesting but misguided. The mosque on ground zero for many is not about the mosque but about an anger towards the ideaof a mosque on that location. Nobody is denying the Imam from opening a mosque, just not there, on the location of a tragedy brought about by fanatical Islamic terrorists.


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