Rabbinic Bureaucracy

The Israel Conversion crises never seem to end. Every time we turn around, another person’s story appears, or another debate about who can perform conversions finds its way into the news.  A report came out yesterday that Beit Morasha has established The Israel Institute for Conversion Policy, whose goal is to establish a sensitive approach to conversion, something the Orthodox Jewish community has been moving further away from these past few years.  In a related piece, a woman who was preparing to get married was told by the Israeli rabbinate that she would have to convert because she couldn’t prove conclusively that she was Jewish.  Leaving aside the documentation she had, the fact that an Israeli Chabad Rabbi married her parents should have been enough.  To make this story more interesting, the woman then approached the organization Tzohar, which is known for its sensitivity in regards to conversion issues and marriage issues, etc.  Surprisingly, they too did not approach the case with sensitivity, telling her she messed up by approaching the rabbinate first.


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