Grieving in the 21st century

Two recent pieces came across my desk about the use of modern technology as a forum for grieving.  The first is a blog post entitled “Facebook after Death.” In this piece, the author laments and grieves her son’s death and how having his facebook page still available has given her a different outlet for grieving.  She finds comfort in seeing how his friends continue to acknowledge his life even after death. 

The other piece is from Newsweek back in February “RIP on Facebook.”  The author gives a recap on how facebook is used as a virtual tombstone, allowign people to talk to the deceased without having to go to the gravesite. 

Both pieces extol the power of the internet in our lives.  In grief counseling, the first rule is that all people grieve differently.  It would be interesting to see if use of technology helps or hinders the grief process.  Any takers for such a research endeavor?


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