RCA Backs Off Stand On Brain Death For Transplants

RCA Backs Off Stand On Brain Death For Transplants.

Without having seen the study inside, I would have to believe that R. Tendler is right in that the writers have a specific agenda.  I continue to wonder sometimes about the RCA’s thinking when it comes to certain issues.  I see this as shortsighted on their parts.  I guess we will have to wait and see what comes from this policy statement.

Update: Gil Student has a guest post on his blog about Brain Death.

Update 2:  It seems this issue is becoming more complicated.  See An Untenable Position and Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler: “Rabbis Do Not Have The Necessary Background To Understand” Brain Stem Death.

Update 3:  There are many rabbis who have come out against the RCA declaration (h/t failed messiah).  There statement basically reiterates the idea that we should be willing to accept Brain-Stem death as the criteria for death because we shouldn’t be selfish to accept organs when we wouldn’t give organs.  I still need to read the RCA statement but the more I here, the more I think they were wrong in their approach.

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